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  • Daniel Tornquist

Enhancing Safety: Introducing Corner Casting Detection in Our Road Twistlock Solution

We are pleased to introduce a significant advancement in our Road Twistlock solution — the implementation of Corner Casting Detection. Developed by our proficient R&D team, this innovative functionality is designed to verify the proper seating of the container's corner casting on the road chassis. This crucial feature, in combination with our remotely controlled twistlock, not only enhances efficiency but also elevates the safety standards of container transportation on the roads.

Key Functionalities:

1. Corner Casting Verification: Corner Casting Detection ensures a secure and accurate seating of the container's corner casting on the road chassis. By providing real-time verification, it minimizes the risk of misalignment or improper placement, significantly reducing the potential for accidents during transportation.

2. Remote Twistlock Control: Our remotely controlled twistlocks complements the Corner Casting Detection functionality by offering a centralized and efficient means of securing containers. This feature allows for swift and precise locking, further streamlining the loading and unloading processes.

Benefits for Container Transportation:

1. Safety Assurance: Corner Casting Detection acts as a proactive safety measure, offering assurance that containers are securely positioned on the road chassis. This verification minimizes the likelihood of accidents related to improperly seated corner castings, ensuring a safer journey.

2. Operational Efficiency: The integration of remotely controlled twistlocks enhances operational efficiency by providing a centralized control mechanism for securing containers. This reduces manual handling and accelerates the loading and unloading processes, optimizing overall transportation workflows.

Experience the Innovation:

For a detailed insight into the functionality and benefits of Corner Casting Detection, we invite you to explore our video showcase. Witness how this technology contributes to a safer and more efficient future for container transportation on the roads.


At LOX, we remain committed to advancing the safety and efficiency of container transportation. The introduction of Corner Casting Detection, in conjunction with our remotely controlled twistlock, reflects our dedication to providing innovative solutions that redefine industry standards.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive excellence in container transportation.

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