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Revolutionize Your Cargo Securing with Our Innovative LoLo Twistlock Solution

Are you struggling to keep your port calls as short as possible while ensuring your cargo is properly secured? The time constraints, commercial pressure, and sheer number of containers can make it nearly impossible to properly verify correct lashing. With twistlock handling and cargo securing being prone to human error and largely out of your control, it’s no wonder you’re feeling the pressure. The installation of lashing gear is not always done adequately by the stevedores. Time pressure and lack of experience being the main reasons.

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Efficiency and Safety at the Forefront of Our Automated Twistlock System

Our ship centric LoLo twistlock solution gives the overview and control of the twistlocks to the master and the ship’s crew. Utilizing modern and robust technology, digitalization and automation, our ship centric LoLo twistlock solution makes lashing operations faster and more efficient, whilst increasing the overall safety and hands the control and overview to the ship’s crew. With people in mind, the system is designed with a user-friendly interface and intuitive to operate.

Eliminate Uncertainties and Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Our Verified Cargo Securing Solution

A verified cargo securing solution, controlled by the vessel, eliminates uncertainties and ensures regulatory compliance. In addition, our verification solution reduces time spent on lashing checks, both in port and at sea, and allow you to allocate your resources where better needed. The fully electrified solution is an contributing link in the chain towards realizing the widespread goal of green, zero-emission container transportation.


Streamline Your Shipping Operations with Our Innovative Twistlock Solution

The twistlock occupies a unique position in the container stack and with digitalized and automated twistlocks, it enables new solutions and valuable opportunities for the user. Don't let cargo securing slow you down. Take control with our innovative, automated LoLo twistlock solution. Contact us to learn more and start benefiting from our technology today.

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