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Embrace the Future of Transportation with Automated Twistlocks

As an OEM, truck manufacturer, or hauler, you understand the challenges of keeping up with the ever-changing industry. With global driver shortages and advancements in electrification, digitalization, and automation, it's more important than ever to adopt new innovations to future-proof your products and increase your customers' productivity and workforce safety.


Verified Container Securing for Increased Safety

At terminals and depots, the loading areas can be unpredictable with dense traffic and time pressure, making it a prime area for serious injuries to occur. A verified container securing is crucial, both on the road and at the loading dock. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics found that nearly 20% of fatal injuries in the trucking industry occurred when the truck was not in motion.

Automated Twistlocks for Increased Productivity and Driver Safety

That's why we've developed our automated twistlock solution that eliminates the need for manual locking and unlocking of twistlocks, increasing productivity and driver safety. Our wireless technology allows drivers to operate the twistlocks from the safety of the cabin, regardless of the container configuration. Additionally, our control system and user application provide clear visibility and confirmation to eliminate human error and ensure proper locking status.


100% Electrified and Integratable with Autonomous Vehicles

Our solution is also 100% electrified and can be integrated into autonomous vehicles, supporting the wider industry agenda towards a greener and zero-emission future. Don't let the future pass you by. Contact us now to learn more about how your business can benefit from our automated, remote-controlled twistlock solution and take the first step towards verified cargo securing and increased productivity and driver safety.

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