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LOX Container Technology AB is a Swedish based industrial company that uses its skills in wireless technology and industrial design to develop and produce innovative automation products.

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Container logistics have revolutionised the efficiency of global trade, making possible the enormous economic gains of the last 3 decades.  Container terminals and container ships are becoming larger, and increasingly automated.  However the basic methods for fastening containers have changed little in 30 years, and still require significant manual operation and oversight.  This is sub-optimal in terms of efficiency, as well as safety.

LOX have been working to develop, patent and produce a fully automatic remotely operated container locking system (RCL). LOX’s RCL system consists of physical steel container locks, together with communication modules that can be integrated in the terminal’s Ship-To-Shore (STS) cranes or other container handling machinery.


The fully wireless remote control allows an operator to activate the container locks on the containers when loading and unloading. The RCL system improves operational performance when handling containers at terminals, and enables Vertical Tandem Lift and advanced container handling automation and planning.


The system allows for the reduction or removal of personnel from container handling procedures, improving safety, allowing electronic oversight of lock performance, maintenance and security, and paving the way for eventual fully autonomous cargo handling logistics.

On a mission to provide fully automatic twist locks as well as organized collection of valuable data

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