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Revolutionizing RO-RO Shipping: Introducing the LOX RoRo RCL Solution

The pressure for higher utilization and less time spent in port is being felt all over the industry. Today's container lashing and twistlock handling for RO-RO shipping remain largely manual, requiring personnel and resources better utilized elsewhere in your organization. The lack of a verified cargo securing process leads to uncertainty and inefficiency in operations, as well as undesired hazards both on deck and in the terminal. This leads to increased risks of injuries and incidents, as well as damage to cargo, vessels, and terminal assets.


Efficiency and Safety at Sea: How Automation and Digitalization Can Benefit Your Vessel Operations

Automation is rapidly being implemented in the container transportation industry across the globe, and it will inevitably change the playing field in which you operate. Introducing digitalization and automation to your cargo securing can help you increase safety, improve productivity and operational quality, and reduce labor costs.


Staying Ahead of the Curve: The Advantages of Verified Cargo Securing in the Container Transportation Industry

A verified cargo securing is enabled through a digitalized solution. Digitalization enables collection of data to support planning and maintenance, equipment balancing and improve the overall quality of operational decision-making.

The LOX RoRo RCL Solution facilitates a smooth and efficient transfer and sharing of data within the ecosystem.

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Achieving Zero-Emission Container Transportation with Fully Electrified Solutions

Designed with people in mind, the fully electrified system is user-friendly and intuitive to operate, and supports the wide-spread goal of a greenified and zero-emission container transportation. Container handling is made faster and safer using the LOX RoRo RCL Solution. Strengthen your business case by transporting more containers in less time, increasing revenue. Don't miss out on the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing industry.


Contact us to learn more about our solution and how it can benefit your organization and to stay ahead of the curve in the container transportation industry.

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